Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

Three juveniles were arrested Wednesday and Thursday and were charged with burglary for allegedly breaking into a local restaurant and stealing money from a safe.

Lt. Luis Barrera, in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Alice Police Department, said Thursday that Danny's Restaurant, located on Main Street in Alice reported a break-in on Jan. 4.

The break-in occurred on the night of Jan. 3, Barrera said, when three individuals threw a brick through a glass door. The three individuals were observed on a security camera entering the building, and taking $2,000 from a safe in the restaurant, Barrera said.

An investigation conducted by Sgt. Michael Jaramillo led to the identification of one of the individuals in the video, a 15-year-old Alice High School student.

After his family was contacted by investigators, he turned himself in to the Alice Police Department on Wednesday, Barrera said.

Further investigation led to the identity of the two other suspects, both 16-year-old boys. Those two boys were arrested at Alice High School by investigators Thursday.

Barrera said investigators were given permission to search the residences of the boys and located clothing worn in the burglary, as well as a small amount of cash. Much of the cash, however, had already been spent, Barrera said.

"Apparently, the kids had gone on a shopping spree in Corpus Christi, where they bought clothing and other items using money from the safe," Barrera said.

All three suspects are being held in a juvenile detention facility and await a hearing expected on Monday. They have all been charged with burglary of a building. Barrera praised the work of investigators Thursday, and said the department is particularly concerned that the burglary was committed by individuals who were so young.

"It's a shame - these are students and they're ruining their lives by committing these crimes," Barrera said.