Citizens of Alice and Jim Wells County,

The holiday season is over. Decorations and lights are down. Some gifts we received were appreciated and enjoyed, some were returned while others have already been forgotten. However, the gifts of food and money that were given to the Alice Food Pantry are not forgotten or returned and are still being enjoyed.

The entire country has experienced the economic downturn. Because of this the requests for assistance at the Alice Food Pantry have increased by almost 35 percent. Knowing that the holidays were rapidly approaching, in October we sent out letters to schools, organizations, businesses and individuals stating our need for additional assistance. The response was outstanding! The community really stepped up to the plate and we are very grateful. Since November we have received approximately 13,000 pounds of food and several thousand dollars in donations. It has been very heartwarming to realize that the community of Alice is a generous and caring community. We have experienced this generosity first hand. You all have the right to be very proud of yourselves.

But please don't think our job is done. We are distributing the donated food at an alarming rate. After it is gone it will be necessary to purchase the food we distribute. In other words, please don't give up on us. Remember that for every dollar we receive in donations we can purchase FIVE dollars worth of food. We accept donations of food or money any time of the year.

This year we would especially like to acknowledge some folks who went over and above in helping the Alice Food Pantry. Ralph Trevino, of Community Action, contacted us before Christmas in hopes of joining Alice Food Pantry in a Christmas project. We were very excited about the possibilities. Because of the collaboration between our two agencies, 150 families were able to have turkey for Christmas. Tony Bill, at Dan's Processing, helped us by storing and distributing the turkeys for us. H-E-B graciously continues to supply us daily with day old pastries and also donated some turkeys this Christmas. It is this kind of community spirit that makes us realize what we have all known. Alice is a very good place to live. We work together, play together, and help those in need.

We appreciate everyone who donated food or money during the holidays. God bless you and remember, we are His hands and feet.

Alice Volunteer Services President-Bonnie Whitley

Alice Food Pantry

Manager Bud Smith