Four alleged burglars connected to about eight burglaries in the Alfred area were arrested on Friday and Saturday, county officials said.

All four of the suspects are in the Jim Wells County jail with separate charges stemming from burglary of a building, burglary of a habitation, burglary of vehicles, unauthorized use of vehicle and possession of stolen property and theft.

Michael Shane Davis was arrested Friday after the other three men, Valdo Rey Gunn, Rolando Garza and Roland Rene Gonzalez were arrested in Kingsville in connection with a rash of vehicle burglaries and transported to the Jim Wells County jail Monday.

"What we want to see is justice," said Sheriff Oscar Lopez. "I think the public is upset over being victimized."

The rash of burglaries were on Dec. 11, Dec. 16, Dec. 18 and Dec. 26 in the Alfred, Mesquite Forest, Sandia and Orange Grove area.

The first burglary was on the 200 block of County Road 219 about 6 p.m. on Dec. 11. The homeowner told deputies that unknown individuals entered his home through the front door. Some of the items missing at the home included a Dell computer, a rifle with a scope, one 12-gauge shotgun, one black Remington 12-gauge shotgun, a Seiko watch, an air compressor, a weed eater and miscellaneous jewelry totaling about $3,000.

The second burglary on Dec. 16 was located on the 100 block of County Road 3211 for burglary of a vehicle at about 4 p.m. Missing items from a 2003 GMC truck were a .22 cricket rifle, a .17 rifle with scope, a 30.06 caliber rifle with scope, an iPod, a Toshiba laptop, a Cybershot camera, four custom knives in a camouflage bag and a key ring. In another truck, a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, the owners were missing $100 in cash and a wallet with valuable documents.

A third burglary was on Dec. 18 about 4 p.m. when a purse was stolen from a 2003 Chevrolet Malibu and recovered and returned to the owner.

"It’s the smash and go, they just break the windows and take what they see and go," said Sgt. Johnny Perez with the sheriff’s department. "It takes less than a few seconds."

On the day after Christmas, deputies responded to a burglary on the 400 block of County Road 211-1 in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The owner of the home said he was awakened about 2 a.m. when he heard several people in his house, reports said. The owner said four men were in his house wearing dark clothing. He said in the report that he startled the men and ran out the front door. While the men were still in his house, the owner shot a single round towards the front door into the ground, the report continued. The individuals fled the scene, but it was unknown if they were on foot or had a getaway vehicle. The burglars took a wall safe with about $4,000 in cash from his vending machine business, some documents and a small tray with about $100 in nickels, the report said. In addition, the burglars took a 40-inch plasma television, a 19-inch flat panel television and $300 taken from a black wallet, a Remington .243 with a wooden stock, a Tasco scope and a brown leather sling. Also taken from a Chevrolet truck at the same location was a laptop. As the burglars were attempting to make their get-a-way in a 2003 Ford Expedition and as they were driving away, they drove through a ditch where a license plate was left behind. The vehicle was reported stolen from the Kingsville area.

Davis was picked up on Friday and arrested after he was linked to the burglaries on County Road 211-1. Davis was shot on the lower right leg when the owner of the house shot at the intruders. Gonzalez, Garza and Gunn were arrested in Kingsville Saturday in connection with another rash of vehicle burglaries and were transported to the county jail Monday.

The investigators said they would be working with the district’s attorney’s office to keep repeat offenders off the streets.

"More charges are pending and we are working closely with the Kingsville, Corpus Christi and the Alice police departments," said Capt. Odel Mendoza with the sheriff’s department. "We think we have the main culprits. We want to work together with the new district attorney, because in the past they would get out and do it again, it was like a revolving door."