Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

More than 20 residents complained about illegal fireworks being used in the city limits with one individual being cited for discharging fireworks, Alice Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas said.

"The majority of the time we get there, the people were dispersed or we didn't see anything," Thomas said about the fire department responding to illegal fireworks.

Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas spent Tuesday evening visiting with fireworks stand vendors and dropping off brochures and posting warning signs advising residents about the penalties of possessing fireworks in the city limits.

Thomas said that of the 21 calls they responded on Fourth of July, only one individual was cited.

Thomas said the fine for possessing fireworks is $80 and the fee for discharging them in the city limits is $90. Fireworks are legal in the county.

Thomas said because of the rain, fireworks were at a standstill this year.

"It was slow and the rain put a damper on it," he said. "It was quiet and minimal."