Through the efforts of U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa, rural areas such as Jim Wells and Duval counties could see changes through the proposed economic stimulus plan currently being considered by officials in Washington.

Hinojosa, as a senior member of the Education and Labor Committee and Chairman of the Congressional Rural Housing Caucus, said he would continue to make improvements in the lives of rural Americans a top priority during the 111th Congress.

“I’m working with my colleagues in Congress to craft legislation that will modernize America’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and schools, and grow small businesses,” Hinojosa said this week.

“With the latest job report showing that more than a half a million Americans lost their job last month, the time to act has never been more critical.”

This year the congressman said he would push for more federal money to be directed to the Coastal Bend College’s registered nursing program so that the new program will be able to grow and expand in Jim Wells County.

Hinojosa said he would continue the fight to make quality education available to more Coastal Bend students.

Hinojosa said he will continue to work closely with nonprofits and other organizations in the Coastal Bend region to provide assistance in applying for grants and make sure they have the resources to continue their mission in these tight economic times. 

The congressman said he also continues to work with the communities and officials within Jim Wells and Duval counties, to educate them on available economic development opportunities that will ultimately lead to more federal dollars flowing into rural South Texas.

Hinojosa also emphasized the need to provide relief to America’s rural communities.

“As the Chairman of the Congressional Rural Housing Caucus, I will push to help rural communities in the Coastal Bend region and make sure they are not forgotten in the stimulus package,” Hinojosa said.

To ensure this happens, Hinojosa is pushing for $750 million to be included in the stimulus package to help generate more affordable housing and 75,000 new jobs in rural America.

“There is a dire need for more affordable housing in rural communities such as the Coastal Bend region and I will continue to fight for funding to be moved in this direction,” Hinojosa said.