Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

Rogers' retirement is only the latest loss for the OGPD in recent months, with the resignation of Assistant Police Chief Frank Jaramillo Jr. in July.

Jaramillo also stated he was leaving the department to explore other opportunities. Following Rogers' retirement this week, OGPD will have three full-time officers and one reserve officer.

In March, 20 area residents signed a petition that was given to the city, asking that Rogers, Jaramillo and other officers in the department step down from office raising allegations of harassment, flirtation and abuse of the law. After that action, a second petition, with 61 signatures was given to the city council in April, in support of the officers of the OGPD.

As of this week, no petitioner has filed an official letter of complaint with the City of Orange Grove to substantiate their claims of harassment. Nearly six months after the allegations were made, no evidence of any wrongdoing has been supplied by the public, city officials said.

Brand said earlier this year that police salary was one area the city would work on during this budget cycle to help encourage officers to apply to the OGPD.

Under the city's proposed budget for 2007-2008, the salary line item for the chief and full-time officers decreased by $14,000, from $147,000 this year to $132,000 for next year. The line item concerning wages for part-time and reserve officers was increased substantially, from $750 this year, to $6,000 for next year. Overall, the OGPD budget decreased from $231,153 to $223,424.