A female victim was in fear of her life Monday night after she was assaulted by a male subject with a deadly weapon.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on S. Cameron and made contact with the victim. The victim said she was at a friends home when the father to her child, identified as the suspect, called and told her to call her mother, since the child was with her. The suspect continued calling and texting her several more times. While she was at her friends house sitting outside, the victim said she noticed the suspect drive up to her vehicle.

The victim watched the suspect while he was on the phone inside his vehicle. She walked over to him and asked what he was doing at which time he made a motion as slicing his throat. The victim questions the gesture at which time he returned to his vehicle and returned with a handgun. The suspect pointed the handgun at the victim stating he was going to kill her. The victim and suspect continued to argue as he would return to his vehicle, put the weapon away, only to retrieve it three more times and pointing it at the victim making the same statement.

The victim was visibly shaken as she sobbed and told the officer that the suspect has several weapons and didn't know if he would actually shoot her but she was in fear for her life. The victim said the suspect is upset because they had broken up and she recently started talking to someone. The victim advised the officer that the suspect drove off in a Ford F250 pickup wielding a rig in the bed.

The officer then made contact with two witnesses, a male and a female. The male witness said he saw the suspect holding something in his hands making gestures toward him as if he were calling him over. The female witness said she also saw the suspect holding something in his hand and pointing it at the victim while talking abusively at her.

The officer advised the victim to refer to the County Attorney's office for an application for a protective order. A residence on Oliver St., where the suspect resides, was checked but the vehicle was not located.