Students win top awards at Coastal Bend Science Fair

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Several Alice ISD students brought home awards during the 2007 Coastal Bend Science Fair.

Included among them are three students from Noonan Elementary - Michael Garcia, Joseph Arredondo and Joshua Perez.

The boys won both second place in the life category and third place in the best of grade contest for third grade overall. Their Doggy Vision project determined whether dogs really are colorblind.

The students used basset hounds for their experiment, because Michael has a pair of them at home, Manny and Masey.

"We were happy when we won," Joseph said about their performance at the fair. "We love dogs," Michael said.

"We thought about different animals to use, but we thought it was better to pick dogs."

Joshua said that dogs can see some colors people can see, and the boys wanted to know how long it would take for a dog to recognize a color. One student held a treat in front of the dog, while another held up a colored piece of paper to the side of the dog, waiting for him to turn around and notice.

A third team member timed the dog and recorded the results.

According to their project results, dogs notice black, yellow, blue and green.

"It took us three days to do the tests. No dogs were harmed in the project," Michael said.

In the end, green took the longest for the dogs to recognize, while yellow was recognized almost instantly.

Alice 2007 Coastal Bend Science Fair Winners

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History Fred B. Jones Botany Award,

Javier Alvarez, third grade, Schallert Elementary

Agribusiness Council award, Miguel Avila, eighth grade, William Adams Middle School

Texas A and M School of Nursing and Health Sciences award,

Jack Scoggins, Kindergarten, Hillcrest Elementary

Southwestern Branch of the Entomological Society of America award,

Javier Alvarez, third grade, Schallert Elementary

Fourth Grade-Life Category, Second Place:

Sarah Perez, Salazar Elementary

Seventh Grade-Life Category, Third Place:

Melissa Garcia-William Adams Middle School

Third Grade-Life Category, Second Place:

Joseph Arredondo, Michael Garcia and Joshua Perez, Noonan Elementary

Best of Grade, Third Place:

Joseph Arredondo, Michael Garcia and Joshua Perez, Noonan Elementary