Alice police are still investigating an attempted early morning Tuesday burglary at Dubose Intermediate School, where one or more suspects tried to break open registers in the cafeteria using a rock.

Police were dispatched on Tuesday morning to the cafeteria, when Alice ISD Security Guard Sal Cavazos found a broken window on the west side door of the cafeteria after checking on the activated alarm.

Police believe that the perpetrator broke the window and reached inside through the opening to unlock the back door of the cafeteria.† The suspect then proceeded to the cash registers and damaged the computers attached to them, in an attempt to open the cash drawers. The suspect also broke the sliding glass door to the ice cream freezer.

The cafeteria has three security cameras, and police have asked to review the footage for a description of the suspects. It is unknown whether anything was taken during the burglary, according to the police report, but a rock was found on top of one of the registers, which were both left behind, unopened.†

Local Cowboy fan allegedly robs JC Pennyís

A Dallas Cowboys fan and his female accomplice made off with several items of clothing from the local JC Pennyís Tuesday night, after pushing down a store employee to their escape.

Store employee Jessica Marquez was assisting with another customer near closing time on Tuesday night, when she noticed a Hispanic man with a thin build, and a heavier woman suspect walking out of the store.

Marquez told police she believed the man was walking out of the store wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat he did not pay for.

Marquez approached the couple and asked them what they were doing, according to the police report. At the same time, she noticed another layer of clothing underneath the manís clothes and told the couple to put the clothes back or she would call the police.

The man then pushed her down and fled the scene with his accomplice in a silver Chrysler 300, heading westbound on Main Street. The case has been referred to the Alice Police Departmentís Criminal Investigations Division.