With an eye on another bid at nationals, 13 Business Professionals of America students placed high overall at region last weekend in Tuloso-Midway and look forward to state competition in March.

Twelve of the students are advancing to state for their first, second and third place finishes at region and are heading to Fort Worth on March 3.

“We did pretty good I think we were hoping for a better turnout. It’s going to take more work, we can’t just hope things will fall into place. We have to put the effort in,” AHS student Logan Lopez said, who is a veteran of the BPA’s global marketing team. The team placed second at region.

“Last year we won region, but didn’t do as well at state as we really wanted. With the results we received this year, I think it’s going to push each one of us to do better than what we’ve done and motivate us to win at state. We don’t want to fall short at state. We want to do what we know we can.”

This year the global marketing team competition changed. Instead of marketing a business, the group was tasked with playing the role of business advisers to a company that provides a global service. In this case, the service is Home Away From Home, which matches up individuals who want to trade homes for a time. The company provides a variety of services to the homeowner, including maid services.

In order to make it global, the team had to talk about the services offered and how Home Away From Home would provide those services. In the role of advisers to a company, the team could not say what the company was going to do, just how the global marketing team would advise the business in their global venture and how they would advise marketing such a service.

One of the novices to BPA competition this year is AHS senior Greg Rodriguez, who competed for the first time with Iris Garcia and Leila Rangel on the Web site design team. This year’s competition included designing a Web site on Washington, D.C. The team used a patriotic theme, with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background of the Web site. Included are all the historic monuments and memorials, as well as family-oriented attractions and restaurants in the area. They also provided tour information and additional links for those items.

“We provided good information for those who may think about taking a trip over there, or are just looking for historical information on Washington, D.C.,” Greg said. “Leila was the main one who knew what to do on the computer and we would give her ideas of what to include and she would fix it on there so it would come up the way we envisioned it.”

The team placed first in region, which was quite a feat since this was the first time in Web site design competition for all three senor students.

“We weren’t too sure how we were going to do because it was new for us. We really liked it and we wish we had started earlier like our freshman year,” Greg said. For state, the group plans on including a virtual tour of the capitol on their Web site, which they believe will set them apart in state competition.