Bullying allegeldy took a violent turn at Freer Junior High School and resulted in criminal charges being filed on one girl and the suspension of another.

James T. and Christy Ray, parents of 11-year-old Bailey Ray, took their case to the school board last week in response to an increase in activities against their daughter.

“This has been going on since October,” Christy Ray said. “Now it has gotten to the point that Bailey was slapped in the face in school. We are so upset and were wondering why it took the incidents escalating to this level for something more to be done.”

Christy Ray said her daughter has been harassed by a group of young girls since October and it is not just her daughter that is suffering, but other students as well.

One of the girls involved in the attacks, the same one that allegedly assaulted Bailey, had just returned to school from the alternative education program for an incident in which she had allegedly stolen from Bailey’s bag.

“Bullying is not just a Freer problem, but a nationwide problem,” Christy Ray said. “It is something that needs to be addressed, but not before it is too late. “

James T. Ray and Connie Garza spoke at the school board meeting to address problems their children have been facing with regard to bullying.

“I am not only speaking for my daughter,” Christy Ray said. “But for all of the other children that this is affecting.”

Junior High principal Linda Garza said her school is doing everything it is supposed to do regarding bullying

“Any types of issues at school are being addressed according to the Texas Education School Code 37 and by the Student Handbook,” principal Garza said.

She would not comment further  and had no comment regarding bullying on her campus except to say that seminars are given every year to educate about bullying.

“This needs to stop happening in our schools,” Christy Ray said. “There should be no reason why my daughter, or anyone else for that matter, should feel physically ill from being stressed out about not wanting to go to school.

Bailey sometimes gets physically ill and tells us that she doesn’t want to go to school.

“All we want is for our daughter and everyone else who attends Freer ISD to be able to go to school in a stress- and worry-free environment.”