Just after his third birthday, Tynan Vera-Chapa is undergoing chemotherapy at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston after being diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in September.

“He was diagnosed the Monday after his birthday,” said Tynan’s aunt, Veronica Vera.

Tynan lives in Houston with his parents Janie Vera Chapa and Gerardo Chapa. Janie is a native of Premont and her family including her brothers still lives in Premont.

On Saturday, the family gathered together to hold a benefit carne guisada plate sale to help the Chapas with medical expenses.

“Everything is for his medical expenses,” Veronica said. “It’s really taking a toll on them.”

 Tynan is currently receiving chemotherapy for the leukemia. The doctors also put the toddler on steroids.

“He’s doing OK considering,” Veronica said. “The last time he had chemo, he had a bad reaction with hives and swelling.”

Tynan was taken to the doctor in September 2009 because his mother thought he had H1N1 flu. He had high fever and flu-like symptoms. The doctors then diagnosed him with leukemia. Veronica said Tynan’s acute lymphocytic leukemia is said to be a cancer that he can recover from. 

“It was scary at first,” Veronica said. “But because he is so young, doctors say his chances are good.”