State Senator spoke at courthouse

Sue Fleming, Duval County Courthouse

SAN DIEGO - During a recent brief stop in Duval County, State Senator Judith Zaffirini touched on various topics of discussion as well as addressed some concerns of others.

"The number one issue in our county is education - public education in particular," she said, "with the focus on early childhood education."

Zaffirini said she wanted to make sure that students from every county in the district have the opportunity to go to a nearby college, to a junior college or a four-year college or university.

"We're blessed in this part of the district that so many of our students are bilingual," she said.

Before that, if someone spoke Spanish only, it created a problem.

"It's really no more of a problem than speaking French only or Italian only. I hope to see the day when every high school graduate in Texas is speaking English plus, plus another language," she said. "And I hope that language is Spanish."

But the students who start out speaking Spanish first have to understand that that is a blessing and shouldn't be seen as a problem, ensuring they grow up bilingual," Zaffirini said.