Two neighbors reported disorderly conduct against each other after an argument occurred regarding one of the male subject's canine.

An officer was dispatched to Newell St. on Sunday and made contact with the reporting party, John Gilbert, who said his neighbor threatened him and used abusive language. Gilbert said his neighbor arrived home and confronted Gilbert about his dog being in his neighbor's yard. Gilbert said his neighbor was angry and used explicit words and said the neighbor threatened to “kick his [explicit].”

The officer then made contact with the neighbor, identified as Mr. Hinojosa. Hinojosa denied making threats and didn't use vulgar language. Hinojosa told the officer that about 30 minutes prior to the officer's arrival, he drove up to his residence he saw Gilbert's dog on his lawn. Hinojosa honked his horn to scare the dog away and when he got out of the vehicle, Hinojosa said Gilbert asked him “what [explicit] is your problem”. Hinojosa said told Gilbert that his dog defecated on his yard and Gilbert asked Hinojosa “What the [explicit] are you going to do about it”, which Hinojosa took as a threat.

The case was referred to the Criminal Investigative Division and no further action was done by the officer.