Pictured : Leslee Sparks demonstrates the hydraulic exercise machine to work on the biceps and triceps. Photo by OFELIA GARCIA HUNTER

Gyms see an upswing at start of a new year

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Resolutions for the New Year customarily involve losing weight, but for a recent Ben Bolt High School graduate, his New Year resolution is to gain weight.

Adam Hernandez said putting on 40 pounds would allow him to stand his ground to play college basketball.

"I don't want to be pushed around," said Hernandez, who weighs 170 pounds. "I need to eat right and I have a protein shake once a day."

Hernandez aspires to make his way onto Texas A&M University's basketball court in Kingsville or Corpus Christi.

But for the majority of people who make resolutions, losing weight is usually the goal, and residents who were working out on Thursday at the FireHouse Gym and Curves fitness center agreed.

"The majority of the ladies want to lose, but how long do you think it will last?" said Mary Cantu, Curves manager. "It's very important that we all work out, not just to lose weight."

Cantu said she is going to get back into the routine and now she has another incentive to keep her going.

"My husband and I are in competition," she said. "He wants to lose 40 pounds, but I'm not going to let him beat me."

Marco Garcia, day manager for the FireHouse Gym, said he noticed that when he passed the age of 30, it was getting harder for him to lose weight.

"I've struggled with my weight, it's a constant battle," said Garcia as he was using a treadmill. "The diet is the thing for me, you have to eat clean and live clean."

He said he would be cutting back on alcoholic beverages that add unnecessary calories.

Garcia said he lost his father recently to heart problems and he wants to do whatever it takes to keep healthy.

Daisy Garza has been inactive for about three months and vowed to begin her exercise regime once again.

"I hadn't been here (Curves) since October and I wanted to get back again," Garza said.

Roxy Trujillo said her resolution is to exercise more regularly.

"I want to (exercise) at least three times a week," she said.