Voters fooled by Calallen ISD

The Calallen school board has duped the taxpayers again. On Aug. 27, they schemed up some high-priced improvements like the $500,000 astroturf, $500,000 expansion of the visitor's side of the stadium and a lot of other unnecessary costs.

They weren't thinking of the taxpayer footing the bill as long as they could make a pretty impression. The fair thing to do would have been to apply for a grant so the state could pay for the largest part and the taxpayer pays the smaller difference.

A couple of weeks before the bond election, there were signs put out that surprised the people to go vote for the school bond. The majority of the people did not know the facts of this bond or that they should go to the administration building to look at the bulletin board for information.

My main complaint is they did not advertise early enough to give voters enough time to educate themselves. They only printed the election notice in the (Nueces County Record Star) instead of the (Corpus Christi Caller-Times), which I'm sure most of the people in Calallen read daily.

It seems to me that the school district was really sneaky with how and when they got the word out about this bond.

Karen Lee Ford


Critic should lead by example

Part of being a public servant is to take it on the chin from time to time because criticism is part of the job.

I welcome criticism and appreciate the notion of working with my fellow school board members. However, working together is a two-way street and not a one-way street to nowhere.

Last week two former residents of Robstown lectured the school board about working together. These two partisans moved from Robstown many, many years ago and do not send their children to our schools.

One of the self-righteous lecturers, Dr. Edward Borchard, grew up in Robstown and has a medical clinic here. He earns his living in Robstown but chooses to live elsewhere.

I'd like to ask the good doctor, and his fellow critic-in-arms, to lead by example. If these gentlemen think they can do a better job, they should move back to Robstown and run for the school board.

Since, according to them, we can't work together, they should first get elected and then show us how to do it. I'll be eagerly waiting.

Roberto Tapia, Trustee

Robstown Independent School District