Item: Miscellaneous roofing material

Style: nails, buckets of tar

Date reported stolen: Aug. 14 from the Ben Bolt area on County Road 473.

Item: Miscellaneous jewelry

Style: Several Topaz rings, diamond rings, gold earings

Date reported stolen: Aug. 15 from the Orange Grove area on County Road 3551.

Item: Rifle

Model: 22 caliber

Color: pink handle/black barrel

Date reported stolen: Aug. 16 from the Orange Grove area on Farm-to-Market Road 624.

At this time these are all the reported stolen items from the Jim Wells County for this week. If you have any information on these or any other stolen items please contact the Jim Wells County Sheriff's office at 361-668-0341 and ask to speak to an investigator. If you have any stolen items in your possession, and fail to report them you could be facing criminal charges.

Thank you for your assistance, and the next weekly stolen report will be published next week.