An increased presence on the road by the Orange Grove Police Department in recent months has netted more than speeding tickets, official said.

In the case of one driver, due to the diligence of OG officers, a man wanted for theft in Bexar County was taken off the streets.

OG Police Officer Gerald Arismendez was conducting stationary RADAR traffic speed enforcement on the night of May 15 when he noticed a green Chevy Cavalier drive past at a higher than legal speed.

The normal speed for vehicles around the S. Reynolds Street area is 40 miles per hour. The car in question was speeding at 59 miles per hour, according to Arismendezís report.

The driver, Justin Soto was pulled over by the officer and after a check of his license, dispatch notified Arismendez that Soto was wanted out of Bexar County on a larceny-theft, $1,500 through $20,000, charge.

Once Arismendez confirmed the warrant and that Bexar County was willing to extradite Soto, the officer cited Soto for speeding and then placed him under arrest.