A man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance Tuesday night, police report said.

While on patrol, an officer saw a Dodge Caliber disregard a stop sign at Langford and N. Adams St. The officer conducted a traffic stop and the vehicle stopped at the City of Alice Parks and Recreational Kickball Fields. The officer made contact with the driver, Rodney Delgado, who apologized for running the stop sign and said he was in a hurry to drop off his male friend at the girls kickball game.

As the officer spoke with Delgado, he detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his Delgado and from the vehicle. The officer asked if there were any open alcoholic beverages in the vehicle and Delgado admitted there was and handed the officer an open bottle of Bud Light wrapped in a brown paper bag in plain view and was dumped out.

The officer then asked for consent to search the vehicle and Delgado complied. Delgado stepped out of the vehicle and for Officer Safety was patted down. As the officer patted Delgado down, a small clear plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance fell to the ground from within his shorts and in between his legs.

The officer placed Delgado under arrest for possession in a drug-free zone and Delgado admitted there were two more baggies, police report said. Delgado shook his shorts and two more baggies fell to the ground, each containing a white powdery substance. Delgado was arrested and transported to the Alice Police Department and then to Jim Wells County Jail for incarceration. The three baggies weighed at 1.5 grams.