Pictured, Amy's School of Dancing performs a hip-hop routine

Individual Division

(Ages 1-5)

First - Jaron Adams - played the accordion and sang Dimelo by Siggno

Second - Ciara Gonzales - sang Dimelo by Siggno

Third - Liberty De Leon- sang Before He Cheats

(Ages 6-10)

First - Jenika Torres - sang Inside Your Heaven

Second - Cassandra Garcia - sang Best of Both Worlds

Third - Shilodane M. Braune sang Jesus Take the Wheel

(Ages 11-17)

First- Roxanne Perez - sang I Wonder

Second - Ky-Leigh Naranjo- sang Broken

Third - Victoria Bazan - danced Ballet Folklorico Sones de mi tierra from Jalisco

(Ages 18 and over)

First - Archie Alaniz - sang El Dia En Que Yo Me Muera by Ramon Ayala

Second - Anita Canales - sang Amor Eterno

Third - Saullita Aguilar - sang Perdoname by Jennifer Pena

Group Division

(Ages 1-5)

No entries

(Ages 6-10)

First - Andres Garza and Marlina Martinez - sang Take a Look at My Girlfirend

(Ages 11-17)

First - Jessica, Darlene, Sarah, Maria danced to Rap To The Window To The Wall

(Ages 18 and over)

Amy's School of Dancing - danced a hip-hop routine