The Robstown City Council has accepted a local businessman's proposal to buy four vacant lots along West Avenue A to expand his business and contribute to the local economy.

Robert J. Gonzalez, owner of R.J. Contracting and Paint, approached the City Council at its Jan. 14 meeting with a proposal to purchase four vacant lots located cattycorner and next to the recently modernized building of Rolando's Mexican Restaurant.

"With the lots located next to Rolando's Mexican Restaurant, I plan to sell lumber, paint, building supplies and anything along those lines, something like a warehouse/retail store," Gonzalez said. "With the building across the street, I plan to have my offices and employees of my present business, R.J. Contracting and Paint."

R. J. Contracting and Painting is currently located beside Barrera's Fried Chicken in Robstown.

The four lots, which are currently tax-delinquent properties, have been vacant for more than 22 years. These lots are located down one of Robstown's main streets and restoring these delinquent lots and getting these properties back on the tax rolls is something that would add to Robstown's development.

"It is good to see that Mr. Gonzalez has a plan and that it will be attractive to our city," said City Councilwoman Anissa Zilka. "This will be something good to add along with the new outlet mall and other recently built attractions in Robstown. I'm glad to see there are people motivated to beautify our city."

Gonzalez is a citizen of Robstown and grew up in the town. He foresees his business growing and prospering in the future.

"I would like my business located in Robstown to help out our community and to provide jobs for local men and women who are unable to get hired for jobs because of occurrences in their past," Gonzalez said. "I would like to be a company that gives those individuals a second chance at proving themselves in the working world."

By putting these properties back on the tax rolls, it will definitely be of advantage to the city of Robstown and its economic growth.

"My main goal is to help the city of Robstown, provide jobs for the people in our community, hire individuals who want to work, and develop my company," Gonzalez said.

The Robstown Independent School District and Nueces County Commissioners must also approve Gonzalez's bid to buy the four tax-delinquent properties for $8,000.