The Freer Independent School District Board of Trustees met on Wednesday and discussed several items, among them the staff contracts for the coming year.

While many of the districts in the area are in financial crisis, Freer ISD has been doing its best to keep as many staff members as possible, not cutting any of their professional staff.

Sally Guajardo, secretary to the superintendent, said that while the district is striving to make the necessary adjustments that will undoubtably be called for by lawmakers, Freer is financially sound and has no plans of cutting any professional educators at this time.

On the agenda was the approval of contracts for teachers on probationary terms and summer personnel such as lifeguards. All were approved.

“The district has made few cuts,” Guajardo said. “One of the only major cuts was the Lil’ Buc’s Daycare, for our students and teachers with young children. But other than that, the district is accepting resignations and filling some positions but not all.

“That is what we are doing to fight the budget crisis that is statewide.”

Two probationary contracts were not approved at the meeting, several teachers aides resigned, and these positions were not open to be refilled.

Freer is also planning to hire one band director in a position previously held for two.

“The reduction in force plan for Freer is slight,” Guajardo said. “But like everyone else, we are cutting our staff to meet the needs what is going to be passed in Austin.”

Also discussed at the meeting was a measure meant to relieve what cuts were made to the staff during the realignment.

An item in regards to the district buying back sick leave from employees who are subject to reduction in force was tabled.

“This item will assist employees who are subject to force reductions and are not eligible for retirement,” Guajardo said. “Employees, such as those associated with the closing of the Lil’ Bucs Daycare, will hopefully get the sick leave that they have accrued while working for the district.”