Robstown Place 4 City Councilman Abel Tamez is seeking his fifth term in office, running against challenger Herlinda Escareno in the May 14 election.

Tamez is a Robstown High School graduate and a customer service supervisor with Southwest Airlines in Corpus Christi.

Tamez said he was hesitant at first about running again for city council. It wasn't until he spoke over the decision with his family and fellow members of the council that he decided he wanted to seek office again in order to see the projects the council has put into motion come to fruition.

"We've built a good rapport with the other council members. We're united and we want a better quality of life for the people of Robstown," Tamez said.

Tamez said he was most proud of the street improvements the city council has tackled in recent years, as drainage issues are a priority for him. He admits that it is a work in progress, but he said the council is determined to see the work continue.

"I always want to make sure we install new curbs and gutters. Whenever we have rainfall, it floods very quickly. It floods on my street, as it does in many other locations across town, but this is a situation we've been working on for some time, and will continue to work on to get the drainage up to par," Tamez said. "Digging costs money, but we are continually looking for grant sources and partnering with other entities to improve conditions."

Tamez said he is also proud that the city council has been able to increase salaries for city employees. He said an increase of three percent a year is a modest raise, but city leaders hope that in time they will eventually get the city staff's pay on par with what other employees in similarly sized cities are making.

"They work hard, and we want to make sure they feel like they deserve what they are getting," Tamez said.

The councilman also said he is excited about the opening of the new CVS store in Robstown. He said he believes CVS will improve the quality of life for all Robstown residents.

Editor's Note: Tamez's opponent, Herlinda Escareno, did not return repeated calls seeking an interview for her profile.