Lee S. Ramon was surrounded by friends, family and his wife Nelda, when he saw the results of his victory Saturday night. Photo by MAURICIO JULIAN CUELLAR JR.

Guerrero received 1,702 votes; Ramon received 1,648 votes

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Both incumbent R. David Guerrero and newcomer Lee S. Ramon earned decisive victories Saturday night in the Alice ISD School Board election.

Guerrero defeated challenger David Johnson in the Place 4 race with a total of 1,702 votes to Johnson's 1,170 votes.

Ramon defeated both of his opponents in Place 5, Servando "Wolf" Garza Jr. and Richard Gonzalez, by a wide margin, capturing 58 percent of the vote, or 1,648 votes.

Much of the stage was set in the early voting, with Guerrero receiving 924 early votes through mail-ins and walk-ins, but Johnson was close behind with 741 early votes.

For Ramon, the race was not close after early voting, with Ramon receiving 970 early votes, as opposed to Garza's 399 early votes and Gonzalez's 274 early votes.

Guerrero also won four out of five consolidated precincts during the election, with Ramon taking all five precincts.

Guerrero said that by keeping his message positive, he was able to stay focused on the race.

"I think politics is a mind game. But I think you need to remain focused, remain positive and focus on the successes of Alice ISD. Are we where we need to be? Absolutely not. Can we do better? Absolutely. But one step at I time. I think we will get where we need to be, I think what helped me was I just stayed focused," Guerrero said.

He also realizes that his victory depended a lot on the support he received from others, and those who believed in his efforts on the board.

"It feels great. I was able to get through another one. I look forward to serving another three years. It was an interesting race, but again, my supporters came through for me. First of all, I want to thank God, my family and my friends. I'm just truly excited," Guerrero said.

Late Saturday night, during his victory celebration, Ramon said he was still stunned over his win. He said he had no idea it was going to come at such a large margin. Ramon said he had two good candidates running against him, but the community spoke out, and he was overwhelmed by their response. He said part of his victory stemmed from his consistent message to the voters.

"I meant what I said, kids come first. I have a lot of friends, my family came out to support me, and you can tell the community came out. The community has spoken and now it's my turn to see what I can do for the community and for the kids," Ramon said.

Although he won by a wide margin in this election, Ramon said he realizes he is just one person, and he is willing to work with other board members.

"I know that I need to meet with the board. I'm just one person, and I can work with the board and staff," he said. "We can all work together, and by working together we'll be fine. We've got to do something. My message was to curb violence and drugs in our schools, to try to get police officers in there, just to let the community know what's going on, and maybe we can stop what's going on.

"All I can tell you is that the community has spoken, and by the totals, you can tell that they've spoken also for David Guerrero. I'm just one person," Ramon continued. "I feel that by talking to the board, and working with them, we can come up with some good ideas. Hopefully we can all sit down, and agree that we do need some of these things."