Melissa Ash, The Premont Journal

Several members of the community came out to show their appreciation to former mayor Mario Rodriguez and council member Tino Perez at their last council meeting on May 15. Some of the topics that were discussed at the meeting included the waste water treatment plant and the ongoing work by the Texas Department of Transportation on Broadway Street.

The street cleaning project was also discussed. The west side of the city is almost complete and the crew will soon be working in the east side.

The mayor also reviewed some progress the city has made during the last four years. Some of the things mentioned included the current financial condition of the city and the service award program for city employees.

"We are leaving our city in the best financial condition based on our surplus and savings funds that we have managed to accrue over this short period of time," Rodriguez said. "We are fiscally sound and have operated within budget limits. We have also seen balanced budgets for the past two terms and we have experienced very good and commendable audit reports."

An applause was also given to mayor pro-tem Perez who had given to the city for the past 36 years.