Pictured: Esmeralda Fernandez shows the graduation ring her daughter lost seven years ago. She is pictured with her daughter, April Fernandez, who graduated this year. Photo by OFELIA GARCIA HUNTER

Newspaper finds Fernandez, returns ring

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Seven years ago, Esmeralda Fernandez lost her graduation ring when her daughter, April Fernandez, then in the fifth grade, decided to take her ring to school for show and tell.

"We had to bring something to show at (Memorial Intermediate School)," said April, who graduated this year. "I remember that it was on my finger and 10 minutes later we couldn't find it."

On Friday, Esmeralda Fernandez was reunited with her graduation ring. The ring had been brought to the Alice Echo-News Journal last summer by a Memorial Intermediate School staff member who wanted to see if the newspaper could run a classified ad to try to find the owner.

The newspaper ran several ads and no one came forward to claim the ring.

Staff members were reminded of the ring when a sales associate from the newspaper found it in the newspaper's safe.

After looking at the ring closer, Fernandez's name was found on the inside of the ring.

The name was matched with a name in the phone book by one of the reporters and lo and behold, Esmeralda Fernandez was found.

Her daughter, April Fernandez, happened to answer the phone call.

"I thought someone was just messing around," said April of the call she received.

Her mother said she didn't let April forget about losing her ring.

"I've been haunting her," Esmeralda Fernandez said. "I would tell her that she wasn't going to get her graduation ring until I got mine."

Fernandez said she thought she would never see the ring.

"I would even go to the pawn shops to see if I saw it," she said. "Last week, we were thinking about the (ring). I told her to look for it."

When Esmeralda was reunited with her ring on Friday, she looked at it and slipped it on her finger.

"It still fits, look," she said.