City council's six- month evaluation released July 24

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

After conducting an informal six-month evaluation on City Administrator Rick Lopez on July 24, Orange Grove City Council members concluded that Lopez's performance and activities so far for the city are "above average."

Under the criteria of work ethic, council members stated on the evaluation form that Lopez was a self-starter who is both positive and aggressive in his work.

They consider Lopez to be the type of individual who stays until the work is completed.

When it came to funding, council members wrote in the evaluation that Lopez has located new areas of possible funding and communicates the needs of the city on a regular basis with Grant Works.

The council also commented on Lopez's active involvement in the local Council of Governments.

During his time in the organization, Lopez has nominated every member of the council to serve on COG committees.

The council considers Lopez to be punctual and have outstanding public relations skills, the report stated.

The council stated that during the last six months, Lopez has developed a professional work environment with the city council and city employees.

In their evaluation, they also said he was highly organized, as evidenced by the new filing system in his office and the fact that he has scanned all city records dating back to the 1930s, and has placed them on disks.

Lopez also recommended to the city it purchase a new computer system that will allow staff to perform Internal Revenue Service reports and spreadsheets online.

The current system in use is more than 10 years old, city officials said.

Lopez took over for retiring City Manager Ron Young in January of this year.