Residents asked to do their part in clean-up

Michael Chartier, The Premont Journal

The Premont Alley Project got underway Monday, beginning with South East 7th Street and working through South West 7th Street, and is a project is designed to beautify the city.

"It's time to clean up our town. Our town is filthy," Premont Mayor Norma Tullos recently said. "We're starting to clean up the alleys. This is a one-time cleanup and then we ask each citizen to keep up with it."

Everything from brush, iron, sofas, plywood to garbage has been found, and Tullos says it's time for change.

"Because right now, our alleys are very, very ugly," Tullos said. "The grass is real high…we have the streets, parks and alley department, that's who's doing it."

Alleys from South West 6th to South West 6th streets are also scheduled for clean up. Tullos said this is the first step in what may be a long process.

"Oh no, it's not gonna take days. It's gonna take months," Tullos said. "But we'll get there."

Some have their doubts.

"The mayor, the first time she got elected, she tried to do that. The city council fought her tooth and nail," resident Alvis Cooper said. "It'll do the same thing."

When told the project was already underway, Cooper was still skeptical.

"Let me put it this way, they (council) won't get along and it won't get completed," Cooper said.

Still, Tullos is taking a positive approach.

"Alleys are a safety issue and a health issue," Tullos said. "Snakes are starting to come out."

Tullos also noted that property owners will need to do their part as well. "Those with tall grass and weeds…we'll be sending letters saying that they need to clean," she said.