San Diego man found guilty of assaulting mother, daughter

Sue FlemingM The Freer Press

A 26-year-old San Diego man, Abel Morin Jr., was convicted Nov. 10 on a variety of charges including aggravated sexual assault following a four-day trial in Hebbronville.

The charges resulted after Morin broke into a home in San Diego on July 22, 2006, assaulted a mother, her teenage daughter and then kidnapped the daughter.

Other charges in connection with the incident were sexual assault, burglary of a habitat, theft, kidnapping and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

"The jury did a great job," said Assistant District Attorney Jon West. "This is one more step in the right direction; focusing on the safe sanctity of home, and with the focus being on protecting the mom and the daughter."

Witness testimony began Nov. 7 in which 64 exhibits of evidence were presented involving the nine counts. Prosecution and defense concluded with closing arguments the afternoon of Nov. 10.

At about 8 p.m., verdicts were read after jurors had deliberated more than four hours.

"I think the defense did a fantastic job presenting their case," West said. "They presented some good arguments and, I think that's a reason deliberation took some time, but justice has been served."

Sentencing will take place sometime during the first week of December in Hebbronville, according to officials, in which Morin could be facing a possible punishment of life in prison for sexual assault in the first degree.

Morin was represented by defense attorney David Towler.