Speaker is an actress, author

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

Heartfelt testimonies of faith were shared during the 16th Annual Ladies Prayer Breakfast held Saturday, Aug. 4, at the First Baptist Church in Freer.

Oma Ruth Massey welcomed everyone to the service as Dana Levee followed with the spiritual song, "Be still and Know."

Darlene Welty led the prayer and the importance of prayer in the life of a mother was addressed by Leticia Escobar.

Uplifting songs "Love Lifted me" and "He Touched Me" were sung by the Rev. George and Linda Barcus and the Rev. Tim and Brenda Walshe.

Mike Massey followed with the introduction of the special guest speaker, Jeannette Clift George, renowned actress, author and founder of the A.D. Players Theatre in Houston.

George began by relating humorous stories of the trials and tribulations of growing up with caring, loving parents.

She also spoke of two important lessons she learned later in life.

"One, is that prayer is not proven by its results - we get hung up on that," she said firmly. "Prayer is proven by its actions which is the privilege of going into the presence of the most high God, praying through it and leaving it there."

God listens, she said. "Take your problems, your winnings and challenges to God - and leave it there," she stressed. "That's the truth of prayer. He will listen.

"I believe Jesus the Christ is Lord, he came, he lived, he died and he is coming again, that is the story of God," she said. "I stick to the story and I will always stick to the story because it is true - it's all in the Bible," she said.

Another lesson, she said, was learning to let go of regrets in one's life.

"What is gone, is gone," she said. "Do not allow regret to have authority in your life."

Learn from it, put it into action and then let it go, George said emphasizing that God loves us all, He listens and always will.

Afterward, Kathy Rice sang, "I Know How To Say Thank You."

The service concluded as written prayer requests were collected by Pam Turner, Cindy Lackey and Tim Walshe. The closing prayer was given by the Rev. Mike Herrington and Sonja Herrington.