Residents along two county maintained roads have been successful in asking county leaders for the respective speed limits to be lowered.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Peggy Banales said last week that residents on Spur Lane and County Road 50 came to her recently with a petition full of signatures, asking that the speed limits on the two roads be lowered.

The county's Public Works Department conducted a traffic count on the two roads and concluded that the speed limits could be lowered, which the county is authorized to do on county-maintained roads.

At a May 14 Nueces County Commissioners Court meeting, the speed limit revision was unanimously approved.

The new speed limits will be 25 mph on Spur Lane, down from 30 mph, and 45 mph on CR 50, which is 15 mph less than the existing speed limit.

"I'm very glad that it was resolved," Banales said.

The revised speed limits won't be put into effect until the proper signage is installed, however.

Public Works Director Glen Sullivan said the county would likely have to order signage for Spur Lane, since it is not currently in the county's stock. There is no timeline on when the new signs will be installed, he added.

The project is expected to cost about $2,000.