Honor comes as part of TSI

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, The Premont Journal

Premont Independent School District was acclaimed by the Texas Education Agency recently as part of the Texas Success Initiative with an "Acknowledged" recognition.

The Texas Education Agency recently released their Gold Performance Acknowledgments as part of their Accountability ratings for 2007.

The acknowledgments come in several different categories, such as commendable performance and comparable improvement. The Premont district as a whole was honored with am acknowledgment this year.

To receive the recognition, 69 percent of all students scoring at the standard or higher with 71 percent of all Hispanic students tested scoring at the standard or higher. The district received the honor under the Higher Education Readiness Component of English Language Arts. This indicator shows the percent of grade 11 students who are considered ready to begin college-level work, based on their performance on the TAKS exit-level examination.

For acknowledgment on this indicator the district must have 50 percent or more of its examinees scoring at or above the TSI standard. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board set the standard of college readiness on the exit-level Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam at a scale score of 2200 for ELA and a score of three or higher on the essay.