Pictured are members of the Alice High School Business Professionals of America team who found much success at the BPA Regional Meet Jan. 26. SUBMITTED

Team had a strong showing at regionals Saturday

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Several students in the Alice High School Business Professionals of America program took top honors at the BPA Regional Meet last Saturday at Flour Bluff High School.

The students are headed to state competition in Dallas in March.

Lynette Rivadeneyra, AHS BPA instructor, said her students had success last weekend thanks to their hard work and devotion to BPA.

"These kids are amazing. The group as a whole is very team oriented. They're in here every day working on their events. They have total dedication," Rivadeneyra said. "These students live up to our motto: in order to win, you need to practice."

The Parliamentary Procedure Team of Christopher Longoria, Luis Mendoza, Fred Gonzalez, Andrew Cantu, Kevin Tamez, Elyssa Espinoza and Christin Garcia took first place at competition. The Global Marketing Team of Logan Lopez and Christopher Guiterrez took second place. Individual event winners include first place, Adrienne Garcia, Payroll Accounting; first place, Fred Gonzalez, Medical Office Procedures; second place, Andrew Cantu, Integrated Office Applications; third place, Luis Mendoza , Fundamental Word Processing skills; fourth place, Christopher Longoria, Advanced Word Processing Skills; fourth place Kevin Tamez, Legal Office Procedures; and fifth place, Elyssa Espinoza Banking and Finance.

Luis "Bubba" Mendoza, a member of the parliamentary procedure team, was pleased with the team's performance this year. Last year, while still a relatively young team, the group came in second to Calallen at the regional meet. This year, a little older, and much more experienced, Mendoza said his team came back to take first from Calallen.

"Last year, we had a lot of juniors involved, without too much experience, but this year we worked harder and stuck with it to go further in competition, and we beat Calallen," Mendoza said.

Parliamentary Procedure includes using Robert's Rules of Order to organize a meeting, using an agenda provided by the judges of the competition. Fellow teammate Elyssa Espinoza said she didn't know much about Robert's Rules at first, but she's always had a love of order.

"There's a lot of order involved with running a meeting. As secretary I had to keep up with the minutes. But I'm pretty organized most of the time," Espinoza said. "I can't function if I'm not organized."

For freshman Logan Lopez, his project on the Global Marketing team focused on marketing the sport of Rugby, which is a game fairly unfamiliar to people in the United States.

"We researched a lot about the sport before, it seems pretty exciting. We watched it over the Internet several times," Lopez said.

The goal of the competition is to market a sport not popular in the U.S. The team created a binder containing their marketing plans, including costs, branding, trading and importing, plus analysis of supply and demand.

"From what we've seen, Rugby looks pretty exciting," Lopez said. "Definitely more dangerous than football, but danger is what makes a sport."