A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly dumping several tires on County Road 450 at about 7 p.m. in the Ben Bolt area.

Jose Ramirez Sr., 48, was arrested by Deputy Edward Sanchez when the deputy spotted Ramirez dumping four tires off County Road 450, near  County Road 449.

Ramirez was charged with illegal dumping more than five pounds under 200 pounds for commercial purposes.

“We are having a big problem with illegal dumping of tires,” said Hector Zertuche Sr., abatement officer with Jim Wells County. “It’s costing the taxpayers money for the county to dispose of these tires.”

Zertuche said just recently about a dozen tires were located off County Road 146. Ramirez was released about an hour later on a $500 surety bond.

Zertuche reminds the public to dispose of their tires legally and asks residents if they see any suspicious illegal dumping to contact him.

“We are asking anyone who sees anyone dumping (illegally) to call us,” he said. 

Contact Zertuche at the sheriff’s office at 664-0341 to report any illegal dumping in the county.