Four art students from Calallen High School have spent the last two weeks adding their own personal mark to a resturant preparing to open in the Calallen area.

Visitors to the salad wagon during the reopening of K-Bob's Resturant will not be able to avoid the two story mural created by CHS students Jaqueline Kropf, Brittny Hurt, Jesse Wilson and Schae Tipps detailing the history of the Calallen area. The students were commissioned by their art teacher, John Sandoval, to create the project after he was contacted by the owners of K-Bob's, who were looking for something quintessentially Calallen.

"We've been here the whole week," Tipps said last week as she gathered more paint for the project.

"We even got free food yesterday. It was pretty good," Kropf said.

Kropf is a foreign exchange student spending her junior year at CHS. She is originally from Ibbenbueren, Germany.

Wilson said the whole group sort of pitched in ideas as to what should be included on the wall. The mural details the beginning of the area with founder Cal Allen, through agriculture and other industries, to what it has become today. There is also a spot at the top with images detailing the legacy of Calallen football.

A plaque will also be attached beside the mural, letting the public know who created the work. Kropf said what is most interesting about the project is its size. She never thought, as a foreign exchange student, she would be working on an art project like this one.

"This is by far the largest project I've ever worked on," Kprof said. "Art has provided a lot of opportunities, such as going to art competitions and being exposed to many different forms of art."

Hurt, a senior at CHS, said this mural is something they all can be proud of, and as a permanent fixture at K-BOB's, it's something the students can come back to over the years to view and be proud of.