Gold Performance Acknowledgements

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

The Texas Education Agency recently released its Gold Performance Acknowledgments as part of the accountability ratings for 2007.

The acknowledgments come in several different categories, such as commendable performance, and comparable improvement. All Orange Grove ISD campuses were honored this year.

Orange Grove High School received a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Acknowledgment in English/Language Arts.

The TSI recognizes juniors taking the TAKS Exit Level English exam. The school had to have more than 50 percent of its students score above standard, which means a scale score of 2200 and a score of three or higher on the essay. All subgroups were above standard.

Orange Grove Junior High received three commended performance acknowledgments this year. The students received commended performance in the TAKS reading /English Language Arts, in Writing, and in Social Studies.

In order for a school to receive commended performance, the campus must have 25 percent or more of their examinees score at or above the scale score of 2400.

For an acknowledgement of comparable improvement, the school must come in the top 25 percent among a 40-member campus comparison group or matching schools, both in size and TAKS performance.

For the purposes of Gold Performance Acknowledgments, Orange Grove Primary was paired with Orange Grove Intermediate.

Students received commendable performance on the reading exam, commendable performance on the math exam and commendable performance on the science exam.

The campuses also received an acknowledgment for comparable improvement in math.

Other campuses in the area also received acknowledgments this year.

Alice ISD as a whole received a commendable performance in the TAKS Writing test, as well as acknowledgment for Recommended High School Program/Distinguished Achievement Plan.

San Diego ISD received a gold performance acknowledgment in their graduating percentages under the RHSP/DAP. Archie Parr Elementary also received comparable improvement in mathematics. Ben Bolt Middle School saw commendable performance in social studies and comparable improvement in mathematics. Palito Blanco Elementary also had commendable performance in reading this year.