It was busy Thursday afternoon on the 700 block of St. John Street, where a burglary of a habitation and an aggravated assault with a motor vehicle took place at the same address.

Both incidents occurred shortly before one local man, Michael Gonzalez, was arrested at the same address for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Police reported to the address earlier in the day in reference to a hit and run involving a pedestrian. The victim, Paul Vela, was walking around when police arrived.

Vela told police that he arrived home and found  more than $100 missing and several beers taken from a 20 pack in his closet. He confronted the suspect as the man ran to his car. As the suspect attempted to leave, Vela ran after the vehicle with a bat. The driver attempted several times to hit Vela with the vehicle, according to the police report, and was able to strike Vela once with the car. Vela was bruised on the lower left side of his body from the impact by the vehicle, but refused treatment or transport to the hospital, according to the report.

Two hours later, officers responded to a call at the same address, concerning suspicious suspects in the area. Officers observed Michael Gonzalez place something under a vehicle at the location, the report states. Police found a Smith and Wesson .9 mm semi automatic pistol under the vehicle, along with a magazine containing 15 rounds of ammunition.

Police detained Gonzalez at the scene, and a search found a second magazine, with 10 rounds of .9mm ammunition.

A search of the vehicle Gonzalez arrived in turned up a .22 caliber revolver with six rounds. According to the report, Gonzalez stated that both pistols belonged to him, and that he did not have a concealed handgun license. Gonzalez was processed at the Alice Police Department and transported to the Jim Wells County Jail.