Officer to attend training with Houston Police Department

Melissa Ash, The Premont Journal

The Premont Police Department will be sending an officer to the 2007 Street Survival Seminar in Houston to learn new ways to stay safe while on duty.

The two-day seminar will begin on Feb. 12 and will be hosted by the Deer Park Police department.

Officer Romeo Gonzalez, who was selected to attend the training, will be exposed to strategies and skills that can help him remain safe while on duty. The street survival training includes watching videos, learning about current research and survival stories.

Focusing on street survival, the training helps those in law enforcement learn emotional survival skills for their career, help them to train their mind through crisis rehearsals and mental preparation, prepare themselves for an off-duty encounter, examine lethal and non-lethal force options and learn their aftermath, learn how to handle terrorists in their area and much more.

"This type of training is very valuable for officers and the department," said Police Chief Fidencio Hinojosa.

"It is an intense and visually stimulating training experience."