Three students from Orange Grove High School each received $1,000 scholarships from the Jim Wells County Texas Farm Bureau Wednesday morning. The scholarships were awarded for displaying leadership qualities and moral character in the community.

Seniors Shelby Irwin, Lindsey Logan Nelson and Tyler Lee Gwosdz were the recipients of the scholarships, which will be split into $500 and spread through two semesters during the students' first year at college.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a parent or immediate family member be a part of the Texas Farm Bureau.

Shelby, who received the George A. Frank Education Fund Scholarship, said she heard about the scholarship from her mother, who she said does her insurance through the Texas Farm Bureau.

She said she plans on attending the University of Houston where she will study to become a pediatric oncologist.

"(Pediatric Oncology) is real big in Houston and so I figured that after I graduate from there that I could just find a job there," she said.

Shelby said she has been taking medical classes locally in order to prepare for the nursing field and said she eventually will work towards becoming a doctor.

Lindsey, the recipient of the Ernest Botard Sr. Education Fund Scholarship, said she would be attending Texas A&M University - Kingsville to major in kinesiology.

"I've just been attached to sports my whole life and figured why not keep it going," she said.

Lindsey said she wants to eventually obtain a Master's degree so she can go for a career in physical therapy.

Tyler, who received the Edwin Goldapp Education Fund Scholarship,  said she would also be attending Texas A&M University - Kingsville starting this fall to pursue a degree in biomedical science.

"I was going to go to (Texas A&M University in College Station) but then Kingsville just offered me a lot more money," he said.

He said he still plans on attending Texas A&M in College Station later to work towards a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

"My dad does farm and ranch and I've always been around animals growing up," Tyler said.

"So I just really love that kind of stuff."

Although the three scholarship recipients are taking very different paths, they said as students in Orange Grove, they've known each other for a long time.

"Since first grade," Shelby said.

The students said they would begin college this fall following their graduation from Orange Grove High School in June.