Motivational sessions for parents

Melissa Ash, The Premont Journal

Premont Independent School District held TAKS talks at the high school to help students prepare to take the test.

The TAKS talks were held on Jan. 18 and 19 for the sophomores and juniors who will be testing.

Both parents and students attended the motivational sessions that lasted about 15 minutes each. Seven parents from the sophomore class and nine parents from the junior class were able to attend the sessions.

Teachers and staff who attended the sessions included school board president Olga Ramirez, principal Irma Johnson, Amanda Shelton, Estella Gonzalez, Melinda Moranta, Velma De La Cruz and Yvette Rodriguez.

The sessions provided students with information from previous TAKS test results, current test requirements and informed them of how important the test is. Teachers hope that the TAKS talks not only helped students, but motivated them as well.

"The talks help motivate the students and parents," Shelton said. "It also helps the parents better understand the test. The students are also more encouraged to do their best. We want them to know that there are teachers and other people who want them to do well."