The Duval County Commissionerís Court was held on Monday to act on several items on its agenda.

The court certified Jorge L. Chavera, an unopposed candidate for a Board of Trustees seat for the Ramirez Common School District.

In addition, the county accepted a bid from Hunter-Ash Oil Company to be the provider of oil, diesel and gasoline for the next term.

Another item up for action was resolution that established regulations against the use of excessive force during non-violent civil rights demonstrations.

This included physically barring entrance to a facility or location which is the subject of such demonstrations.

The civil rights protection resolution is just one of many that were passed so that the county can be in compliance for several grants that are proposed for use during fiscal period through 2012.

Also included were grants for the Sheriffís Department to work with the Texas Rangerís division in support of the Local Border Security Program, two grants for the juvenile justice system, a criminal justice improvement project grant and a violent crimes services coordinator/ investigator grant.

Enterprise Pipeline was allowed to install a 24-inch pipeline by boring under county roads across the Duval County Landfill.

Duval County employees, who used to be paid on the 15th and 30th of every month, will now be paid every two weeks in accordance with a new resolution drafted by the Commissionerís Court. The first pay period will begin on May 1 and run through May 14; the next payday being May 20 and continuing every two weeks thereafter.

No action was taken in regard to employment, resignation or termination at this time.