Computers stolen as well; police have suspects, they say

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

San Diego police are looking for suspects who forced entry into the city hall sometime on Sunday and took two computers with monitors along with a safe, police said.

"They gained forced entry through the back door," said Patrolman Richard Donahue with the San Diego police department.

"They vandalized all of the desks and spread out paper and files. It seems like they were going through and having a field day."

According to police, the culprits entered the city hall sometime early morning Sunday prior to 7 a.m.

One of the maintenance workers discovered the mess and called police, Donahue said.

Police said two computers and flat screen monitors were taken from the municipal judge's and his secretary's office.

A 1.2 cubic-foot beige safe that had about $200 in petty cash was taken from a storage room, police said.

Several other offices gained entry with no force, Donahue said.

"They must have found keys and used it to get into other offices," Donahue said.

"They mainly made a mess of the place."

He said the suspects left a box filled with miscellaneous items and paper on the side of the door.

Police said they hope to make some arrests soon.

"We have a couple of suspects," Donahue said.