Two men were arrested for burglary of a vehicle Monday evening after they were allegedly seen by witnesses, along with a third suspect, gaining entry into several vehicles in the parking lot of Walmart located at 2701 E. Main Street.

According to police reports, at about 6:34 p.m. officers with the Alice Police Department were dispatched to the Walmart parking lot in reference to vehicle burglaries. On arrival, the officers made contact with two Jim Wells County Sheriff's deputies who had two suspects, Joel Rios, 17, and Brandon Cardona, 18, detained by a blue Ford pickup.

Deputies advised they observed Cardona rummaging through the center console of the pickup while Rios paced about at the rear of the truck "appearing to serve as a lookout."

The vehicle's owner, Roel Trejo, arrived a short time later and told police he had left his vehicle unlocked but had not given either man permission to enter his pickup. Trejo also told police a cell phone and radar detector found lying on the front passenger seat of his vehicle did not belong to him.

According to the report, dispatch reported the suspects were with another man, later identified as Bobby Salinas, driving a black 1999 Lincoln. Salinas was detained by police and, according to the report, deputies discovered two portable DVD monitors and other property underneath his vehicle.

According to the report, a witness told police the two suspects, along with a third, had gained entry into several vehicles in the parking lot, including a white Ford mustang, a green Dodge pickup, a red Dodge vehicle and Trejo's blue Ford pickup.

The witness stated the suspects took some of the stolen property and placed it by the black 1999 Lincoln but Salinas had not broke into any vehicles. She stated the third suspect walked into the store prior to the deputies detaining the other two suspects.

Police and deputies entered the store to search for the suspect, identified in Walmart surveillance footage as Sergio Bowen, but were unable to locate him.

Rios and Cardona were arrested for burglary of a vehicle and transported to the Alice Police Department for processing and later the Jim Wells County jail for incarceration. Cardona was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Salinas was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.