Says three-man race too much for Duval County

Staff Report, The Freer Press

A Duval County resident who recently announced he would be seeking the position of sheriff has bowed out of the election and is supporting current sheriff Santiago Barrera Jr.

In a statement sent to the Freer Press on Nov. 12, Roel Perez wrote:

"After considering the opinions of my wife, Gloria, and my family I have decided to bow out of the Duval County Sheriff's race. The resources, logistics, and time requirements of a county-wide, three-man race, even if one gets to a runoff, are simply not something we want to do at this time."

Romeo R. Ramirez, of Benavides, announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Duval County last week.

Sheriff Barrera has not made a formal announcement to The Freer Press, but has Perez's support.

"I am going to support the local candidate, Sheriff Santiago Barrera Jr.," Perez wrote. "I am doing so because I believe the county seat can best be represented by a person who lives in it. The political split that has existed in San Diego has served to elect officials that may not have the interests of the county seat at heart. Political power should not be concentrated among a few, it should be as widely dispersed as possible.

"This should not be interpreted to mean that county officials from other areas of the county are not well intentioned."