Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr.

Orange Grove Journal

Orange Grove ISD will move forward with its May 10 election, with three candidates on the ballot to fill two positions on the board.

The terms of Board President Steve Seidel and Vice President Roel Alanis are up this year.

Alanis decided not to pursue another term on the school board. This year the candidates are Seidel, local businessman Michael Trevino and former school board member Praxesdis Jimenez.

Ag the March school board meeting, trustees also adopted the 2008-2009 school calendar. Classes will begin on Aug. 25, 2008, with the last day of school as June 4, 2009 and graduation on June 5.

There are two days set aside in the calendar for the Jim Wells County Fair in October, and two days for Thanksgiving in November.

Students will have two full weeks for Christmas break, and a week for spring break beginning March 18.

The school will be out for both Good Friday and Easter Monday. Students will also have a day off on Memorial Day in May.

“Due to the uniform starting date, there wasn’t much in the calendar we could move on. With those days for the fair, it almost makes any other adjustments an impossibility,” superintendent Earl Luce said.

The adding of an eighth period this year led to growth in the number of students and offerings in the vocational technology areas.

Because of the large growth in FCCLA and agriculture courses, the board approved the hiring of a part-time vocational counselor, to handle in the influx of students and electives.

The board also approved adding another FCCLA teacher and another Ag. teacher to handle the increased load.

Luce said the vocational counselor will help alleviate some of the added workload currently handled by Orange Grove High School counselor Sandy Gallimore after the move to an eight-period day.

During a special meeting on March 31, the board selected Victoria company Weaver & Jacobs as the construction manager for OGISD building project.

Superintendent Luce said the early selection of construction managers was something the board had decided to do before the bond election. They felt it was something that needed to be done before the district received a decision on the Instructional Facilities Allotment from the state, Luce said.

“Even if the IFA funding has not been approved yet, the architect will go ahead and develop plans,” Luce said.

Weaver & Jacobs will work with the school district to oversee construction. OGISD has previous experience with Weaver & Jacobs, which was the construction manager on the Orange Grove Primary school project.