Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Unlawful restraint

A woman was allegedly restrained against her will in her home in the 200 block of Escobar Street on Thursday by her live-in boyfriend, police reports said.

According to the report, the woman and her boyfriend were arguing in their bedroom about 12:24 p.m. Thursday at their residence when she tried to walk out of the bedroom.

The boyfriend grabbed her by her shoulders and forced her onto the bed, the report said.

The suspect then began to hit the woman with a closed fist on her head and upper body, the report continued.

She then pushed him off of her and begged him to let her leave.

The suspect assaulted her again by choking her with his hands on her throat, the report said.

The suspect then threw a shirt at an infant child in the room and made the baby cry.

The woman was able to get away and call police, the report said.

No one was arrested and the case is pending, the report said.

Sexual assault

A 17 year old alleged to have been sexually assaulted by a former boyfriend in her parents' home on Wednesday, police reports said.

According to the police report, a young woman stated that she and the man she previously dated were in her parents' home in the 900 block of N. Reynolds Street when they began to kiss, which led him to her bedroom and he began to undress her.

When he began to undress himself, she told him that she did not want to have intercourse, the report said.

The report said that he ignored her and forced himself on her without her consent. The report went on to say that she bit his shoulder and scratched him to get him off of her.

In the report, she said that after the suspect left the residence, she took a shower and washed her bedding.

The young woman said in the report that she later told her mother and that was when she was advised to file a report the next day.

The case is under investigation and no one has been arrested.


A 17 year old was arrested as a result of allegedly marking a bench with a red permanent marker, police report said.

The report said that Joe Delgado was arrested when a police officer noticed him and a female sitting on a bench as he was writing on the bench near the Dollar General store in the 1700 E. Main Street. When police stopped and talk to them, Delgado passed the marker to his female friend, the report said. "Elvia-n" was written on the bench with the red marker. Delgado was arrested and the red permanent marker was collected as evidence, the report said. He was transported to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with graffiti under $500.