With the announcement of athletic director and head coach Brent Davis’ resignation, the Alice school district will now be searching for a football coach and a superintendent.

Board member Antonio Bill said the district’s priority should be finding a superintendent to replace Henry Herrera, who recently said he was retiring.

“My main concern right now is making every effort to insure that we get a superintendent come in and continue after Herrera leaves,” Bill said. “Now we will have to deal with the fact that were going to have to advertise and hire a new athletic director, but to me, the first item on the agenda is insuring every effort is being undertaken to bring us a quality superintendent to the district, and of course bringing in a coach who will be able to compliment the work Coach Davis has done for us.”

Board member Roger Saenz said he was surprised to see Davis leaving the district after the kind of season the football team enjoyed last season.

“Coach Davis did an excellent job,” Saenz said. “We went undefeated in district and won the championship. I was surprised to learn that he was going to leave.”

Bill said Davis did everything he promised he’d do when he first came into the school district.

“Everything he told us when we originally hired him has become a reality. He’s done a fantastic job, despite the fact that we had a few arm chair quarterbacks that questioned the decision of the board,” Bill said.  “He was able to bring our district into a winning district, with so many of our boys getting recognized. It’s all been the work of Coach Davis and his assistants. I admire the job he did, and I sure hate to see him leave. I’m sure though he’s got to do what is in the best interest of his family, and I respect him for that.”

Saenz said that in the selection of a new athletic director, the school board would need to have some strong guidelines in place. “Along the lines of, they must come from a winning program, and they must have made the playoffs in three of the last four years, something of that nature, so that we have high expectations of our qualified candidates,” Saenz said.

He believes that the two highest profile positions are the superintendent and athletic director/head coach positions.

Because of that, Saenz said the board should be actively involved in the hiring of those positions.

“I hope that we have an sufficient number of candidates going into the formal interview process for the selection of a new AD/coach,” Saenz said.