Only 161 cast ballots early

Mauricio Julian Cuellar, Alice Echo-News Journal

Jim Wells County saw low voter turnout during early voting for Constitutional amendments, with only 161 registered voters going to the polls.

The numbers more than doubled between week one and week two, with 47 total votes the first week of early voting, and 114 vote totals the second week.

Of the 161 total early votes, 118 were cast at the Jim Wells County Courthouse.

Another 25 votes were counted at the voting site at Orange Grove City Hall, and the City Hall in Premont counted 17 votes over the last two weeks.

There was also one federal postcard application ballot turned in from a Jim Wells County service member.

For the purposes of the Constitutional Amendment Election, Jim Wells County will have eight consolidated polling locations on Tuesday.

The consolidated sites, along with the precinct voting locations that have been consolidated, are listed below.

For more information, please call the Jim Wells County Elections Department at 668-5711

Tuesday's Polling Places:

Jim Wells County Couthouse, 200 N. Almond St., Alice

Pct. 1 - JWC Courthouse

Pct. 13 - High Rise Apartment Bldg.

Pct. 15 - Noonan Elementary

Ray's Roundup, 8086 N. Highway 281, Orange Grove,

Pct. 2 - Ray's Roundup

Pct. 18 - Guzman's Place

Premont High School, 400 S. Elaine, Premont

Pct. 4 - Premont High School

Pct. 11 - Premont Elementary School

Pct. 14 - La Gloria School

Ben Bolt Middle School, Whitney St. & 2nd, Ben Bolt

Pct. 5 - Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School

Pct. 17 - Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco Middle School

Saenz Elementary School, 800 S. Johnson Street, Alice

Pct. 6 - Springfield County Building

Pct. 16 - Saenz Elementary School

Pct. 22 - Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Schallert Elementary School, 1001 Jim Wells Street, Alice

Pct. 7 - Hillcrest Elementary School

Pct. 9 - Alice High School

Pct. 12 - Schallert Elementary School

Pct. 19 - Eggemeyer Residence

Orange Grove Intermediate School, 106 Bulldog Lane, Orange Grove

Pct. 3 - Sandia Community Hall

Pct. 8 - Orange Grove Intermediate Special Projects Building

Salazar Elementary School, 1028 Pierce Street, Alice

Pct. 10 - Mary R. Garcia Elementary School

Pct. 20 - Salazar Elementary School