My response to "How are you?" in recent years has been: "Thankfully, I woke up breathing."

The attempt is for a bit of humor. Life does go on, even as significant as we like to think we are. Now we even have significant others. In the scheme of life I can be here today and gone tomorrow and another person will write another column. Why does this come to mind?

Our mortality is my response. Live our days to the fullest. Everyday there are newborn babies and someone dies. Recently, I woke up in grief. Death made a stop close to our family and friends. You begin to realize and re-evaluate your life because of what you did or did not do. One of the persons we grieved for was the same age as our youngest daughter.

After going through the pain and anguish of losing my parents and two brothers to death, I have experience bearing a loss. However, years ago my sister's son died in a car accident and the pain was so unbearable that it heightened the pain of losing to an extreme level that you do not want to visit. You are just lost!

What do you do? Honestly, I wish I had the answer. With a huge loss like a human life, we all need grief management with help from qualified trained clergy or counselors. Consider non-profit community organizations that provide grief counseling. Call your local health clinic for more information.

On another subject, my wife was not feeling well. So I went to Wal-Mart for Kraft Snackables, the cubes with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. I met a local recording artist. I recognized her immediately. I felt like a little kid. I had been on my cell phone with my wife saying, "Honey, you want cheddar and what?" Then I quickly added: "Honey, let me call you right back." So next week you will read about a local recording artist.

Saturday afternoon we attended a surprise birthday dinner for our cousin from Houston. Hopefully they captured that look, that expression, that whole moment with the pictures taken. The icing on the cake was sitting next to a very unusual couple. They are truly gifted.

I like to believe that I am able to see some of the opportunities provided to us in abundance in our lives. Trust me; I have very little vision when I compared mine with this husband and wife team.

I believe in the gifted and the talented, but this conversation brought tears of joy when speaking to me about their experiences. It is difficult to describe the conversation, mostly because I was listening.

The spouse suffers from hip joints surgery and was to remain bed ridden. An experience in his life made him a conduit to positive energy that has had some very powerful results in human interactions.

The day was a good day because I had not decided what to write about this week.