A $1,000 reward is being offered for the identification and conviction of the people who stole a salt water disposal motor from Egan Resources Inc. located on Commerce Road. The theft occurred late at night on May 2.

Officials from the company said the operation was done in a professional manner. To stop the motor from starting automatically the electricity was turned off along with the inlet water pipe valve and the outlet water pipe valve to avoid any spillage.

“These men are professionals who are very familiar with the equipment. They did not steal the equipment to sell for junk/salvage value,” Alton Buehring said. “They have a market and will or have sold the items to another oil & gas operator for many times the amount they would realize selling for junk/salvage.”

Estimated replacement and repairs are set at around $10,000. Buehring said the main part stolen is know as the fluid end and weighs 300 to 400 pounds and requires at least two men to lift and carry it.

“They have excellent mechanical experience and were probably able to do the work in approximately an hour. They may have had their truck or trailer on site,” Buehring said.

If any one has any information please call the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department or the local Crime Stoppers.